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Creativity in Play

It snowed. Not much, just about 2-3 inches. My dodge Durango with its non-functioning four-wheel drive could get around ok, so I didn’t really pay that much attention to the snow. My eleven year old had plans though. “Yes, I can make snowmen!” he declared. The snow was of the powdery sort, that doesn’t even make good snow balls. I did not tell him this, better for him to find out on his own. He must have because about a half hour later he returned and asked to make snow ice cream. I looked outside and the first thought to cross my mind was “heck no!”, but I didn’t say this. We live in and apartment complex, and although there is a huge grassy field right next to us I did not like the idea. Instead I told him that the snow wasn’t high enough. If we had still lived on the mountain, I would have given clearance. I was preparing to leave out and did not want my kitchen destroyed over two or three cups of snow ice cream, this has happened in the past. He disappeared. My friends arrived to pick me up. As I rushed out the door to the parking lot, I walked past a large mound of snow that the plow had pushed to the side. My son popped out from a hole at the base. ” I’m making a tunnel”. Safety first, I did a quick ‘mother scan’ of his current project. The top looked quite sturdy against collapse, and the foundation secure, still I issued a safety warning as I continued on to the car.

I returned home from grocery shopping late in the evening, the kids ran out the car to help with bags. “Did you see my tunnel?” my son asked. ¬†Watching as he went into the top of the mound and came out from one of the hole in the base. He had obviously been very busy while I was away. When I took a look there were several entrances and exits, as well as two neat foot path leading to his tunnel, all done with his hands. “Very nice”, I told him.

It makes me happy to see children put their creative energies to work and produce something that the they can be proud of. Now if he will stop walking around my house with sopping wet socks, I’d be even happier.


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