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Stopping the Flow

    I was in alone in a Masjid, taking a few random photos,  when I had a flashback.  This past Summer, a friend needed some photos for a brochure or something of the sort, this was not a problem I wasn’t very busy at the time. As she gave instructions about what images were needed, she stated several times “be creative, or try getting some creative shots”.

So I set to work on taking the photos, but after  a few minutes, I was stumped. What did she mean by “creative shots or be creative?”  What was her idea of creative? I had my own ideas. I had been photographing this Masjid for so many years, documenting the ongoing construction. I knew that there were but so many imaginative shots that I was going to produce in there. Standing there looking around the large rectangular room,  I felt as if someone had dropped a stone into a stream of water and stopped the flow.

Since companies are trying to unleash the creative beast within their employees, I wonder if they “command” creativity, or do they simply develope creative environments where  people are inspired to be creative without prompting (GooglePlex, Pixar etc).  So many of the blogs that I have been reading lately seem to stating that creativity all levels  of is the new group think (if that’s a word). But what happens if two people have ideas that do not mesh with one another?

I find that when I am left alone,  I am more likely to experiment and try to surpass other creative ideas that  I’ve concocted. Of course there are times when I slam into a brick wall and to me my photos will become so redundant that I won’t look at them for weeks.

However, I find being instructed to “be creative” ended up causing more anxiety than inspiration.



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