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One small step in creativity

Last week I had the opportunity (almost missed it) to participate in an Elluminate presentation by Russell Schoen. I actually enjoyed this interactive session in which we had to figure out what type of creative thinkers we are , and what methods work best when it comes to unleashing individual creativeness. I was inspired. So much so, that after the session ended I was brainstorming ways to incorporate these methods on a daily basis while educating my children. I wanted to get started immediately, but how?

I sat on my bed staring at my aquarium surrounded by house plants, and daydreamed. Then realized, wait the rug is wet.  Wonderful, now the carpet was soaked. It turns out that while rearranging my room and moving my 5 gallon aquarium yet again, an old crack had finally opened up( the tank is acrylic and belonged to my brother). After moving the two goldfish to a fish bowl, I wondered what to do with the tank and gravel. I did not want to throw it away because it looked useful. I wandered around my room a bit until my eyes rested upon a pack of lettuce seeds that I never got to plant this summer. An idea was hatched. I’d add a layer of soiled over the gravel, there was a trace of water under that, so I planted the seeds. Two days later, with the aid of the aquarium light, the seeds sprouted, much to the astonishment of my children. My 10 yr. old was so fascinated that I found some pepper and flower seeds and let him throw those in. Would you believe that everyone walks into my room, and peers into the tanks to check the seedlings? ( ok so I do it too) I do not understand what the big deal is , we have gardened for years so watching seeds turn into an edible plant is not new.

So, that was my trial in creativity, lettuce seeds in a tank. Now onto something bigger……


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